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ReActivate Scuba Refresher

You haven’t dived in a while, and would you like to catch up on your diving skills? If you haven’t dived for a long time and you feel like you should brush up on some diving concepts, the PADI Scuba Refresher program is perfect for you to regain your confidence and return to diving safely.

If you do not dedicate yourself to the world of diving in a professional way, it is possible to have long periods without diving. Some concepts rust over time by not having to use them frequently. Best of all, diving is like riding a bike; After reviewing the theory and basic techniques, you will once again enjoy some incredible dives as if you had never stopped diving.

It is important to remember that your diving licenses never expire, but since your safety comes first, we have stipulated a series of rules based on the time you have not been diving. And what is recommended or mandatory to participate in the Scuba Refresher program to be able to dive with us:

If you have not been diving between 1 and 2 years: Each person is different, and the best thing is that we have a small talk to get to know each other, that you tell us about your experience, your level of certification, how confident you feel to dive again. And together we will decide whether you should do the Refresher program or not.

If you have not dived for more than 2 years: Then it is absolutely necessary to do the Refresher program. Safety should always come first when it comes to diving, and we consider it dangerous to dive without first updating all your knowledge and skills.

A different way lo learn scuba diving

We believe in a personalized way of teaching. Diving is our passion, and we put all our love and energies into teaching you to dive in the best possible way. Unhurried, at your own pace, taking as much time as needed to make you become a great diver. To make this possible, our groups are small, generally between 2 and 4 students per instructor, so that you can receive the attention you deserve. Always placing extra emphasis on conservation, respect for the environment, and safety in diving.

All this with a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Come and meet us, we have the best atmosphere to get any PADI scuba diving license in Koh Lanta. You will love it!


  • Previous qualification: Have a PADI Scuba Diver, Junior Scuba diver, or equivalent certification from any other organization with at least 4 open water dives.
  • Minimum age: 10 years-old.
  • Medical form: You must complete a medical form and be fit for diving.

PADI Refresher program structure

At the dive center, we will go over all the important concepts of diving.

In the theoretical part, we will see all the key points, we will review the PADI Open Water manual, and will pay special attention to those aspects in which you feel less safe. Then you will take a short knowledge review questionnaire.

During the dive day, we will practice some underwater skills from the PADI Open Water course. Some are mandatory, and then we can include as many skills as you want to go over. Once the exercises are done, you will enjoy the rest of the dive normally.

Check the PADI website for further information about the PADI Refresher program.

Included in the Refresher price:

The price of the PADI Refresher program includes all the PADI materials and the dives necessary to complete this course, transportation services from your accommodation to and from the dives, breakfast, lunch, and all food and drinks served on the boat, rental of the complete diving equipment, and the services of a PADI professional.

Not Included in the price:

There is a fee of 600 Baht per person per day that the Thai government charges for diving within the National Parks. This supplement has to be paid to dive at any of the dive sites on Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi and is not reflected in the prices of the dive day or the courses, as it is a rate totally unrelated to the dive center. Hidden Depths Diving is a mere intermediary that is facilitating and organizing the collection of money and delivering it daily to the authorities of the corresponding marine park.

Cost: 4.500 THB

Book your dives online

Book your dives online at least one week in advance and get a 10% discount!

Medical requirements for scuba diving

It is mandatory to pass a simple medical questionnaire before taking any PADI diving course. It is a simple questionnaire on different pathologies in which it is supposed that you answer “no” to all the questions to be eligible and start the diving course.

In case you answer “yes” to any of the questions, it does not mean at all that you are not suitable to dive, it simply means that you need to consult a qualified doctor and that he/she certifies in writing that you are suitable for diving.

You can bring this certificate with you, or we can do it in Koh Lanta for an approximate price of 600 Baht. If you want, we can help you manage the reservation with the doctor, and it will not take you more than 10 minutes to have your certificate.

If you want to go ahead, or want to take a look at the medical form, here are the links to the PADI medical form in the main languages:  English SpanishFrenchGermanItalianChinese (simplified).  

Once you finish the Rescue course

When you finish the Refresher program, your diving knowledge and skills will be back up to date. Therefore, you are considered suitable for diving within the limitations of your diving certifications.

A different dive experience

In Hidden Depths Diving we firmly believe that an eco-responsible diving model is possible. We strive every day to offer you a different, familiar, environmentally friendly, safe, and fun diving experience. Where you will feel part of a great family of divers who, in addition to enjoying diving, we fight so that future generations can enjoy the same wonders that we dive today.